Summer school-seminar “Science and innovation”

From 5th to 9th of July “Volga StateUniversity of Technology (Mari State Technical University)” held an XI International scientific school-seminar “Fundamental research and innovation: nanooptics, photonics and coherent spectroscopy”. The conference was held on a picturesque coast of the lake “Yalchik” and gathered around 90 participants from all over the Russia including 40 young researchers and PhD students.

At the conference Kazan quantum center was presented by a series of talks on resent research of the center:

  • S. O. Tarasov, S. A. Moiseev // Optical quantum memory on spin states of quantum dots
  • R. V. Urmancheev, K. I. Gerasimov, M. M. Minnegaliev and S. A. Moiseev // Photon echo area theorem for optically dense media
  • М.М. Minnegaliev, E. I. Baybekov , K. I. Gerasimov, B. Z. Malkin, S. A. Moiseev, R. V. Urmancheev // Kinetics of  166Er3+ и 167Er3+ ion transitions in 7LiYF4 crystals and perspectives of using it for quantum memory
  • N.M.Arslanov, A.A.Kamli, S.A. Moiseev // Highly confined low loss light waves in nanoscale optical waveguides
  • N. M. Arslanov, O. I. Bannik, L. R. Gilyazov, V. I. Egorov, V. V. Chistyakov, A. V. Gleym, S. A. Moiseev //  Development of quantum network for quantum key distribution using sidebands in Kazan

All the talks given at the conference will be published in the digest. Further details can be found on the site of the conference (in russian).