Lectures of prof. AS Chirkin in the Kazan Quantum Center of the KNITU-KAI

From the 9th to the 13th of April, 2018 the professor of the Moscow State University Anatoly Stepanovich Chirkin read his author lecture course for the staff and graduate students of the Kazan Quantum Center of the KNITU-KAI on modern problems and methods of theoretical quantum optics.

Anatoly Stepanovich Chirkin in 1963 graduated from the Physics Department of Moscow State University. He passed postgraduate studies under the direction of R. Khokhlov  and A. Akhmanov, the founders of nonlinear optics in the USSR. In 1977, Anatoly Stepanovich defended his doctoral thesis on “Coherence of laser radiation and the interaction of partially coherent waves in nonlinear media.” To date, he is a professor at the Department of General Physics and Wave Processes at the Physics Faculty of Moscow State University. A.S. Chirkin teaches courses “Mathematical models of fluctuation phenomena”, “Selected problems of quantum optics”, “Statistical optics”, “Quantum optics”, “Statistical radiophysics”, “Statistical and quantum optics”.

Lectures of Anatoly Stepanovich were devoted to the theory of optical quantum phenomena occurring in nonlinear crystals in the presence of intense laser pumping. The lectures covered a wide range of problems, starting with the basic quantum processes of generation of single photons:

  • Generation of photons in the pump eyes
  • The measure of the entanglement of the state of the generated photons
  • Generation of compressed states of light in nonlinear crystals. The theory of self-action
  • Balanced homodyne detection
  • Quantum field theory with a continuous spectrum
  • Theory of two-photon wave packets
  • Restoring the distribution of photons from the functions of the detector counts
  • Multimode filled quantum states in crystals
  • The ordering and factorization of a unitary operator
  • The general method of factorization of a unitary operator on the basis of the generalized Bogolyubov transformation
  • Quantum image methods
  • Multiplication
  • Phantom images
  • Special attention was also paid to the experimentally observed values ​​and the latest advances in the field of phantom quantum imaging.

The course of Anatoly Stepanovich was extremely important and useful for understanding the physics of nonlinear quantum processes, actively studied in the Kazan quantum center. We are grateful to Anatoly Stepanovich for the original lectures, answers to questions and we hope to see him again.

The most important achievements of Anatoly Stepanovich Chirkin

  • Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation together with O.V. Rudenko for the series of works “Dynamics of intense noise waves and nonlinear structures in media without dispersion” (1997)
  • As part of the team for a series of works “Statistics of the light field of laser radiation and the laws of its transformation in nonlinear optical processes” was awarded the Prize. M.V. Lomonosov (1997).
  • Books and monographs: “Optics of femtosecond laser pulses” (co-author, 1988), manuals “Introduction to statistical radiophysics and optics” (co-author, 1981), “Statistical Radiophysics and Optics. Random oscillations and waves in linear systems “(co-author, 2010),” Mathematical models of fluctuation phenomena. Basic objectives of the course “(co-author, 2017).
    The main scientific works of A.S. Chirkina can be found on the website of the “Truth” system.