Minnegaliev Mansur MarselevichMinnegaliev Mansur Marselevich

PhD student in Laboratory of Quantum Memory.

Education: Kazan Federal University (2015)

Key words and areas of interest: Quantum Optics, Solid-State Quantum Memory, Photon Echo, Dynamical Decoupling, Rare Earth ions.




[1] R. V. Urmancheev, K. I. Gerasimov, M. M. Minnegaliev and S. A. Moiseev, Photon echo area theorem for optically dense media, Bulletin of RAS: Physics – 2017, Vol. 81, N. 5.


[1] K.I. Gerasimov, M.M. Minnegaliev, B.Z. Malkin, E.I. Baibekov, and S.A. MoiseevHigh-resolution Magneto-optical Spectroscopy of 7LiYF4: 167Er3+, 166Er3+ and Analysis of Hyperfine Structure of Ultra Narrow Optical Transitions, Phys. Rev. B 94, 054429 (2016), DOI10.1103/PhysRevB.94.054429