Darkness of two-mode squeezed light in Λ-type atomic system


We show that, under certain circumstances, an optical field in a two-mode squeezed vacuum (TMSV) state can propagate through a lossy atomic medium without degradation or evolution. Moreover, the losses give rise to that state when a different state is initially injected into the medium. Such a situation emerges in a Λ-type atomic system, in which both optical transitions are driven by strong laser fields that are two-photon resonant with the respective signal modes. Then the interactions of the two signal modes with the ground-state atomic coherence interfere destructively, thereby ensuring the preservation of the TMSV with a particular squeezing parameter. This mechanism permits unified interpretation of recent experimental results and predicts new phenomena.

Тип публикации
New Journal of Physics
Евгений Моисеев
Евгений Моисеев

My research interests include quantum networks, light storage, light-matter interaction. At spare time, I enjoy electronics, free and open source software.

Сергей Моисеев
Сергей Моисеев

My research interests include quantum memories, Light-matter interaction, quantum information processing