Photon echoes in optically dense media


Coherent nonlinear multipulse processes, nonlinear waves, and echo effects in resonant media are the topical problems of modern optics and important tools of coherent spectroscopy and quantum information science. We generalize the McCall-Hahn area theorem to the formation of an arbitrary photon echo generated during the multipulse excitation of the optically dense resonant media. The derived theorem made it possible to reveal the nonlinear mechanism of generation and evolution of the photon echo signals inside the media after a two-pulse excitation. We find that a series of self-reviving echo signals with a total area of 2π or 0π is excited and propagates in the media depth, with each pulse having an individual area less than π. The resulting echo pulse train is an alternative to the well-known soliton or breather. The developed pulse-area approach paves the way for more precise coherent spectroscopy, studies of different photon echo signals, and quantum control of light pulses in the optically dense media.

Тип публикации
Phys. Rev. Res.
Сергей Моисеев
Сергей Моисеев

My research interests include quantum memories, Light-matter interaction, quantum information processing

Равиль Урманчеев
Равиль Урманчеев

My research interests include area theorem and rare earth ions.