Laboratory of Applied Quantum Cryptography and Optical Communications (LAQCaOC)

(Head of laboratory – Arthur Gleymm, PhD)

Laboratory investigates and develops original quantum key distribution systems and optical quantum networks. Recently on the 05.12.2017 we launched the first in Russia multi-node quantum network in this laboratory using the side bands approach that has been in development for several years now, first in ITMO University and then here in Kazan quantum center. This is a huge result that shows the advantages of the proposed scheme.

R. Minnikhanov, presedent of the Tatarstan republic in LAQCaOC

LAQCaOC is now involved in the effort to increase the quantum channel information capacity by using multi-frequency regimes which also allows the creation of multi-user network. Another important task is introduction of the trusted or untrusted nodes into the network. The scientists are also trying to formulate and develop the principles  of quantum signal reconstruction to the quantum devices signals.

Лаборатория квантовой криптографии, март 2016

The relevance of quantum cryptography

Quantum networks and quantum cryptography may be one of the answers to the modern information security which is indicated by the following events:

  1. E. Snowden case
  2. Cases of eavesdropping of several country leaders (A. Merkel, R. Erdogan and others)
  3. Increasing number of hacker attacks on state and private communication systems
  4. Case of the Warsaw airport hacking

It becomes more and more clear that existing technology and standards cannot provide the defense against modern threats and soon are to be replaced. This is why the first step of the laboratory is to develop a secure quantum communication system that is based on quantum laws and provides the level of security unreachable by the existing classical physics technology.

On the 12 May 2017 the first in Russia multi-node city network was launched which connected the nodes across Kazan which demonstrated the successful work of the proposed protocol. This creates a working environment that allows us to test new approaches, protocols and solutions in close to real life conditions.

Laboratory staff

Arthur Gleym – Head of laboratory, PhD

Oleg Bannik – Senior researcher, PhD

Narkis Arslanov – Senior researcher, PhD

Linar Gilyazov  – Researcher

Konstantin Melnik – Master Student