Laboratory of quantum memory and communication

(group leader – Moiseev S. A., PhD)

QMLab_3-16 Сотрудники лаборатории квантовой памяти и коммуникаций

Сотрудники лаборатории квантовой памяти и коммуникаций

Laboratory is aimed at the creation of optical quantum memory for quantum communication and quantum computes. The main effort

Er:YLiF Luminiscense

Er:YLiF Luminiscense

of the experimental work of the lab is directed at the development and realization of the photon echo quantum memory. The scheme of photon echo quantum memory was theoretically proposed by S. A. Moiseev in collaboration with Russian and foreign colleagues. To this day this approach holds the best experimental results  in the field of quantum memory (see for example a recent work Y.-W., Optica, V.3, No.1, 100 (2016)). The scheme was implemented several times by the leading groups from around the world (Australia, Switzerland, Canada, France, Spain and others) which makes it a promising candidate for the realization of information capacious quantum memory.

To day a functioning experimental setup for the development of the more advanced realizations of optical quantum memory has been created in the laboratory. The launch of the setup was accompanied by Dr. M. Sabooni – a high-class researcher, who has written his PhD thesis in Sweden and holds one of the top results in the field of efficient optical quantum memory. The setup is based around the unique lasers with spectral width of the emission about 10 orders of magnitude smaller than the carrier frequency and the cryostat by “Montana Instruments” (USA) which allows one to achieve temperatures less than 3.7 K and to apply magnetic field up to 0.7 T. There is also quite a few optical elements, spectrum analyzers, AOMs and other equipment crucial for the optical eLasers in the QM Labxperimental setup.

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